Repair and Sharing Initiatives


Australian Repair Network – Coordinating body which also runs the Australian Repair Summit

Mend It, Australia – Repair initiative with a focus on advocacy, knowledge sharing and spreading the spirit of repair. Run by Karen and Danny from Melton, Victoria, who maintain an active online presence, as well as volunteer at repair events across the country

Share Local Australia – A Pinterest board with many useful links, including a great directory of libraries of things

Toy Libraries Australia – The peak body for the more than 280 toy libraries across Australia

Party Kit Network – A not-for-profit organisation connecting party organisers with kits of party equipment to share and make parties more sustainable


Repair Cafe Foundation – An international not-for-profit repair organisation headquartered in the Netherlands

The Restart Project – An international not-for-profit repair organisation headquartered in the U.K.

Open Repair Alliance – Coordinating body for a repair data open standard

iFixit – Analyses the repairability of products with teardowns and runs a repair guide database

Repair Guidance

Restarters Wiki – Excellent information for getting into repair, troubleshooting, and general repair guidance for a variety of common items

iFixit Repair Guides – A wide range of detailed product-specific repair guides

Intructables – A source of repair guides and projects

Park Tool Repair Guide – Guide for bicycle repair

Manuals Online – A database for product manuals

Youtube – An extensive resource for repair advice

Managing Repair Data

Do you have a repair event going, but wish to monitor your ongoing impact? These resources help monitor and tally up your fixes over time.

Restart Project Fixometer – Includes a well-researched database of CO2 emissions data associated with common products to allow both diverted emissions and landfill to be calculated

Repair Cafe Repair Monitor – A repair data interface for Repair Cafe members

Sharing Library Software

MyTurn – Sharing library catalog software

LendEngine – Sharing library catalog software